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What Is “Black Friday”?

Many of us, especially those who have kids, have braved the crazy lines and ridiculous mall traffic to find that “amazing” deal on a cabbage patch kid, TV, computer or other must have for Christmas item. I’m not sure of this year’s “must have” item is but I am sure it is made of plastic and the kids will be done playing with it by January 8th.

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What Are You Thankful for?

As Thanksgiving quickly descends upon us and the holiday hustle takes its place I wanted to spend a moment reflecting on the meaning of Thanksgiving.

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7 Thoughts Before You “Pop” the Questions

Are you or a loved one thinking about popping the question?

The holidays are a popular time for engagements. Marriage is a wonderful thing that has many challenges, opportunities, and exciting moments. One of the challenges is MONEY! This is not a post about money mistakes to avoid. This is a column about advice I wish I had received because it would have reduced or eliminated roughly 93% of the arguments in my marriage. So before you go and “Pop” the question consider these 7 things.

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6 Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor

We are coming up on the time of year where people begin to evaluate their relationships and potentially consider alternatives. Before you engage a new advisor consider using these 6 questions in your evaluation process.

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A Long Term Thought

I spend a lot of time planning for the “what if” with clients. “What if” the market has an 08-like correction? “What if” I want to retire at 65? “What if” my child gets into their dream school? “What if” I die tomorrow?

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