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What Can The Mets Teach You About Personal Finances?

What you can learn about personal finances from the New York Mets?

I have been a New York Mets fan my entire life. I used to stay up late listening to games on WFAN. Meet the Mets still brings me back to wonderful trips to watch my Mets at Shea Stadium. Even sitting in the upper deck about 5 feet from the LaGuardia airplane traffic it was still a magical experience watching my boyhood sports heroes. My friends and I would then recreate the games in the backyard playing wiffleball.

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Beware of Kardashians Hawking Credit!

What do Henry Winkler, Hulk Hogan, Betty White, Fred Thompson, Kim Kardashian, Montel Williams and Alex Trabek all have in common? I’ll give you a minute to think about it…Cue Alex Trabek’s theme music. Doo Doo Doo Doo Da da da da (OK you get the point even if that is more Police than Jeopardy) Time’s up! The answer is…

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Scams, Suckers, More Scams And How To Spot Them

We have all received the emails from the concerned African prince that wants to wire us millions of dollars if we give him our account information. Hopefully everyone knows that it’s a scam. As the old adage goes if it’s too good to be true. Well I was away for a few days at a conference and when I returned I had this very ominous voicemail at my office.

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Do You Need a Financial Plan?

For the regular readers of my blog you know that I am a big believer in planning. I believe in having written goals and developing a plan to work towards accomplishing them. Big business uses strategic plans, communities develop land use plans, and athletes develop plans for their season. So why, according to a recent Gallup survey, do only 38% of people in the US have a written out financial plan.

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