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Is Tesla on The Quick Path to Bankruptcy or the Moon?

On May 2, Elon Musk and Tesla had their quarterly conference call, and to say it was interesting is an understatement. Now everything I am going to say from this point forward does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold Tesla stock. These are purely my thoughts on a company that I have been asked hundreds of questions about over the past few years.

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Episode 16: Life and Debt with Leslie Tayne

In this Episode I discuss debt and credit with Tayne Law Group founder and debt therapist attorney Leslie Tayne.

Leslie is a very accomplished attorney in the field of debt management that has a very unique process to helping clients deal with the overwhelming burdens that too much debt can bring upon them.

She is the author of the book Life & Debt: A fresh approach to achieving financial wellness. Get it here on Amazon

Leslie can be found at The Tayne Law Group