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Episode 18 – Don’t Be A Jerk w/ Tony Isola

A wide ranging conversation with Tony Isola about retirement planning for teachers. We talk about Tony’s time in the trenches as a teacher in NYC and the struggles teachers face. We talk about the conflicts in the public sector retirement space (FYI there are tons), the abuses we have seen and how to fix them. We also spend a few minutes talking about North Carolina’s Teachers Retirement Plan. (more…)

Episode 17: Behavioral Investing with Dr. Daniel Crosby

In this episode we have a discussion with Dr. Daniel Crosby about his new book The Behavioral Investor, the meaning of Success, psychology of investing and a host of other topics.

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Find Dr. Crosby on twitter @danielcrosby

FinCon wrap up

What do FIRE, Hoops, Podcasts, Alexa, and Dave Ramsey all have in common?

They were just a few of the topics covered at FinCon 2018.  This was my first FinCon and to say it was an interesting experience is an understatement.  I didn’t know what to expect going into my trip to Orlando.  While I have been to dozens of conferences over my career this one was different.

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