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Episode 22: Will The Night King Get His Wall? Talking Markets w/ David Lentz

Its 100 days until the start of Game of Thrones and its time to call your shot. Who ends up on the Iron Throne? Also, will President Trump get his wall like the Night King tore down the Wall with his Ice Dragon? Is the government being “shut down” a bad thing? Are we going into a Recession? Is This Bear Market gonna get worse?

We Tackle all of these topics and a few more as we discuss the recent market volatility.

Episode 21: Talking Markets With Arun Chopra, CFA, CMT

In this episode of the Finance Factory Podcast I talk with Fusion Point Capital Founder Arun Chopra about what is going on in the equity markets.  We talk about the recent volatility and what the Fed may do.  We also discuss tariffs and there impact on the markets.

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The 10 Days of Tax-mas

With less than a month left in 2018, time’s running out for you to finish your wealth management and tax planning to-dos. Many tax opportunities have an annual expiration date of Dec. 31, and this year presents unique possibilities. Here are 10 items you can check off your lists before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.