30 Days Without a Razor

So the calendar has moved from No-Shave-mber and onto December.  I wanted to briefly reflect on my 30 day adventure into the world of bearded.

First let me start by saying that I never quite understood the beard thing.  Now that I grew one I get it.  It’s really nice to not have to shave every day.  Once you get past the initial itchy stage its pretty awesome!  I really loved it but my family had other ideas.a18828b375814cd3be5c228adb47d7a7

Since I love my wife I am not going to keep it because she and my daughters said it was like kissing a porcupine.

With that out of the way let me revisit my original 3 goals from No-Shave-mber.

  1. I wanted to raise Awareness and I think I did that.We raised a little money for men’s cancer and participated in the social media movement to raise awareness.
  2. I wanted to go to the doctor.Good news I did and I am a fairly healthy middle aging male!That last sentence was hard to type.I like to think that I am still relatively young.Unfortunately age is caching up fast.
  3. Eat healthier and exercise more.Alright 1 out of 2 and bad there.I did not get back to a regular exercise routine but I did a much better job eating.

SO what did I really learn from this process.  It is really important for men to not ignore their health.  I spent some time talking to friends in the same age range and I wasn’t alone in not having a check-up in over 10 years.  That was the common answer.  I had one friend that hadn’t had a check-up since he was 18 and left for college over 20 years ago.  CRAZY!

Just like women need regular screenings it is important for men to do the same.  I am glad to know that my results came back within the normal ranges but more importantly I have a baseline to measure against.

I still need to work on the exercise part but I think No-Shave-mber was a success and I look forward to doing it again next year but in the mean time I am going to shave because my beard is starting to get a little itchy.

A Thought from the Factory on Main

Best wishes for better health


Peter Huminski

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