The Best Thoughts From the Factory in 2016

Saying 2016 was an eventful year might be a giant understatement and not just because we had an unprecedented Presidential Election. It was eventful for my blog because we crossed 20,000 views for the year which is exciting to me. This year the blog got a redesign that took away some of the writing time, but I am proud of the pieces I wrote this year and have a very exciting 2017 planned for my readers.

So without further ado I bring you the Top 5 posts from 2016.


#5 Who is Your Game of Thrones Money Personality?

#4 Fight Club For Your Personal Finances

#3 6 Things to Know Before Buying Life Insurance

#2 What the Heck is The Big Short

And not surprising considering the historic election but my most read post was about the candidates’ tax plans.

#1 A Tale of Two Tax Plans