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Investing Lessons Learned on A Walk

Things learned on a random walk in the woods!

I had a goal when I started this year to lose 30lbs. Two of the reasons are in this picture. I want to be around to help guide my 3 kids 30 years from now. It is really important to me and the 30lbs was going to keep me from seeing that goal more difficult. For the record I am down 20lbs with 4 months to go. I will get to my goal because the reward of being healthier for my kids is so important to me.

Labor Day just passed and I took the time to take a walk in the woods with my kids. It was fun on so many levels and an eye opener. It’s always funny to listen to the conversations that the kids have. They have an amazing perspective that has been untainted by the constraints that society tends to put on people as they get older. They have the potential to do or become anything they want with their lives. So what did a walk in the woods teach them about investing. (more…)

Episode 11 – Shiny Toy Thursday Vol. 2

In this episode we discuss Twitter going to 280 characters.

How can help businesses and how The 7 Minute Workout Challenge can help you get healthier!


Should Bitcoin Survive?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been on quite a run over the last year and it has brought out all of the skeptics in full force. Much like the early to mid-90s  when you could put a dot com after anything and investors poured money in. It seems that today the equivalent is putting a “coin” out and the “investors” flock to it. With the Chinese government’s recent crackdown on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in the last week the skeptics for crypto currency have been given another arrow to shoot at the “price bubble”. (more…)

The Finance Factory Podcast – Episode 8 The Pickle Lady Interview

The story of Miss Jenny’s Pickles is an amazing small business story that includes Joe Biden, 7 countries, West Texas Investors, Matthew McCoughney, and tremendous hustle and good and bad luck.

Jenny Fulton’s small business journey will help many entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In this episode of the Finance Factory Podcast we discuss Miss Jenny’s adventure from being in the financial services business to selling millions of pickles across the United States.  She brought something new and exciting to pickles and ultimately the businesses success led to its demise.  This is one of my favorite interviews and can’t wait to have Miss Jenny back to share more business lessons. (more…)

Ways To Save Money On College

It is back to school time! That wonderful time of year when parents shell out hundreds of dollars for new clothes, school supplies or supplying a college dorm room.

Each year the College Board issues a Trend in College Pricing report, and each year the trend is upward. And every year the message from the Board is the same: don’t worry, there’s plenty of financial aid available. (more…)

The Finance Factory Podcast Episode 5

In this episode I interview Algenon Cash, managing director at Wharton Gladden.

Wharton Gladden is a boutique investment banking firm focused on small to middle market real estate deals, and equity and debt opportunities for private companies across a wide range of industries.

We discuss the founding of his company, what drives him and his company.  Interesting opportunities he sees in his industry and mistakes he has made along the way.  We discuss his favorite books and have a little fun in the lightning round.  I hope you enjoy this episode of The Finance Factory Podcast. (more…)