Don’t Break the Bank This Vacation Season

Don’t Break The Bank This Vacation Season:

I hope this post doesn’t find you too late but summer is finally here and we all know what that means! VACATION! Along with vacation comes the dreaded tradition that too many of us fall into summer overspending.  I am going to be taking the month of July off from blogging.  I am going to be taking some time to work on some interesting projects and spend time with my family.  When I come back in August I will have some very exciting new changes here.  Before I leave for my blogging vacation I wanted to leave you with this tip filled vacationing post .

We have all done this.  We set a summer vacation budget and then we go on the trip and see something or want to do something that wasn’t in the budget and we say “Ah Screw It, I’m on vacation.”  I am guilty of this on almost every vacation.  This year however we are taking a more economical approach to summer vacation.  We are doing short weekend trips and stay-cations where we can be more mindful of our budget yet still have fun summer experiences.

With that said here is some of my summer saving budget tips.

Where to Stay:

Instead of staying in a hotel, check out  You will be amazed at some of the cool places you could potentially stay.  If you have a large family like we do it can give you more space, save some money over the cost of a hotel room, and give you a place to cook some meals to save even more.  I have yet to try it but I have heard some awesome things from several friends and that is the way we are going to go this year.

Where to Eat:

After lodging food is almost always the second largest expense on vacation.  If you don’t feel like cooking in your Airbnb rental, check out the local restaurants.  Ask the residents in the area where their favorite places to eat are.  Instead of eating at chain restaurants where the food is usually average at best and usually overpriced I am sure you will find at least one cool new place to try and will definitely save on your food budget.

What to Do:

Almost every area has free museums, parks, hiking trails, and concerts during the summer.  Instead of doing all of the traditional vacation things everyday why not try something new and different.  Explore the world a little.  Life is about getting out and experiencing new and exciting things.  There are also discount movie theatres, and animal parks (like Lazy 5 one of our favorite day trips).  All of these things can be done with a fraction of the costs and stresses of going to the amusement park or the beach.

We are not going to overspend this vacation season.  If we can’t drive there we aren’t going!  If the main attraction is an amusement park, we aren’t going!  If we can’t bring the dog or get back within a day, we aren’t going!

We are going to have a great summer and have some fun new experiences that I will share with you all in August.  In the meantime, don’t break the bank this vacation season.

Best wishes

Peter Huminski, AWMA

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