ICYMI: The Top 5 Posts of 2015

2015 has been a very eventful year for Thorium Wealth Management.  Everyone says the second year in business is the hardest and they weren’t lying.  One exciting development in 2015 is the continuing evolution of my blog. It was over 18,000 words and 28 posts some of which were better than others. Thoughts from the Factory on Main now has over 1000 unique views every month.  That’s pretty amazing to me considering in the beginning (August 2014) I was only getting 5 to 10 views per post.  That has me excited and I am glad that people are reading my content and enjoying it.

So in honor of 2015 coming to an end and everyone making lists for one thing or another I have decided to link my Top 5 blog posts of 2015:

We will do this Letterman style:



The Investing Roller Coaster




Become a Jedi Master over your finance, You Must!




Not Broke: An Athletes Guide to Personal Finance



What Can We Learn About Investing From Little Pieces of Plastic



6 Things I Learned From The Ultimate Gift


I have a bonus one because it was just outside the Top 5 and one of my favorite things I wrote this year.


What Can The Mets Teach You About Personal Finance

I hope you all have a healthy and prosperous New Year.  I am looking forward to an exciting 2016.  I have an exciting redesign coming for the blog and several other new multimedia features coming.

Until Next Year
Peter Huminski, AWMA

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