Wealth Management

For better or worse, life happens in transitions. The professionals at Thorium Wealth Management are wealth advisors and client advocates with the experience, skills and understanding to provide responsible, risk-managed financial planning, investment management and income strategies that seek to align assets with aspirations at every life stage.

While we provide plans based on sound methodologies, they are also highly customized to reflect a client’s philosophy about life. Our independent approach allows us the flexibility to make decisions based on our client’s specific outlook and situation. Specializing in complex financial situations, where diverse assets and family dynamics can be challenging. We believe that success is built on objectivity and care by crafting meaningful and effective planning strategies.

At Thorium you are more than numbers on a page and dollars in an account.  We take the time to get to know you and develop a relationship.  We believe that relationships and understanding are the keys to having a successful wealth management experience.  If you are looking for something more for you and your family we are here for you.