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Why Do I Do What I Do?

I recently had a Jerry Maguire moment in my business. For many people their Jerry Maguire moment occurs when they take a leap of faith and go out on their own. Like the famous scene where Tom Cruise walks out of the office with the goldfish after yelling Show Me the Money! My Jerry Maguire moment had more to do with the core of what Jerry was getting at in his written manifesto (Its not a memo). He wanted to have more meaningful relationships with his clients. He felt the business had become too focused on the wrong things and they had lost sight of what they really did as agents.

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Who is your Game of Thrones Money Personality?

“Winter is Coming!” – Ned Stark

The iconic line from the premier episode of Game of Thrones is the perfect descriptor of Ned’s view on money. He had little concern for financial gain he was more concerned about protecting his family than his finances. Enjoy this cross between behavioral finance and the world of the 7 Kingdoms. I promise there are no spoilers ahead!

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The Investing Roller Coaster

My daughter Savanna and I love roller coasters. The bigger, the faster, the scarier the more we love them. A couple of weeks ago we spent some daddy daughter time at Carowinds in Charlotte. They have a brand new roller coaster named Fury 325. The name is certainly fitting as the coaster brings you up 325 feet in the air and then drops you at an 85 degree angle at speeds of almost 100 miles an hour.

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What Does Retirement Look Like For You?

April’s blog posts here at The Factory are going to center around retirement and retirement planning. I often wonder about what retirement will look like. I am not even sure if I will even want to retire. I know it is an important goal for most people. I love what I do and am excited to work every day and as long is that is the case I don’t think I will ever want to stop helping people.

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Is It Your Favorite Time Of Year?

Once again it is everyone’s favorite time of year (TIC) and no I’m not referring to spring.

I’m talking about TAX time. April 15 will be here before you know it and in all my years of advising clients I am amazed that every year I have at least one client that has a nasty tax surprise (i.e. they owe Uncle Sam and the IRS a significant amount of money). Also just for clarification the only people who like tax time are the IRS, the Treasury, and CPAs. In other words the people all of us taxpayers pay.

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