What Are You Thankful for?


As Thanksgiving quickly descends upon us and the holiday hustle takes its place I wanted to spend a moment reflecting on the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Now I am not going to get all mushy and sentimental but I think it is important to take a moment and be grateful for all of the wonderful blessings each and every one of us has.  I have so much to be thankful this year that I could not possibly recognize all of them in a blog post.  Also many of you would probably be really bored after the 5th thing.  So with that said I want to recognize 6 things that I am truly thankful for in 2014 and this is not in order of importance (disclaimer so my wife doesn’t get mad when she reads this).

  1. My Family.  Starting a new business is exceptionally challenging.  It requires a tremendous support network and I am so blessed to have that every day.  My wife, kids, and in-laws have all helped in too many ways to count.  They help keep me grounded and focused and I am so thankful for all that they do with and for me.  I am very blessed.
  2. My clients. I know many people say this but I truly have the best clients in the world.  They are like an extended family that I have the privilege to serve every workday.  I am very thankful for their continued trust, friendship, and business relationship.  We are building something that I think is very different and exciting.
  3. New Friends.The older you get the harder it is to make new friends.  This new business journey has brought many new and interesting people into my life and I am thankful for the help and friendship that I have gained this year.
  4.  Virginia Basketball. The season we just went through was a magical and unexpected experience that I got to share with my son.  It is one that he and I will never forget.  Go Hoos!
  5. Opportunity. I am very thankful and blessed that I have the opportunity to create a vision and voice around what I do and enjoy every day.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to express my opinion and views and that people are even reading and caring about it just blows my mind.
  6. Struggles. I am very thankful the struggles that God lays on me.  It allows me to see what a blessing life is.  Sometimes in the moment I wish God would not trust me with so much but in the end I am thankful for it.  I know that in the end it helps strengthen me.

So as you and your family and friends gather for Thanksgiving take a moment to remind yourself of all that you are thankful for.  In the end we are all blessed.  Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving


Peter Huminski


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